5 wild teen beliefs about sex that will terrify you

They cost growing children nerves and often lead to health problems.

Despite the recommendations of psychologists to talk to children about sex, many teenagers prefer to discuss this topic with friends or casual interlocutors.

What wild beliefs are popular among teenagers?

Innocence must be lost before a certain age

Being a virgin/virgin at 16 (17.18) years old is embarrassing, stupid and funny. So, it is necessary to “try” without fail, no matter with whom and how. It looks funny except in comedies like American Pie. In practice, sexual experience without love, care and affection with a random partner can end in psychological complexes, which then have to be overcome for a long time.

And also – sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancy.

It is good if a teenager knows that physical intimacy is good only with those with whom there is spiritual intimacy, and there is definitely no need to rush here.

You can only get infected from a “bad” guy / girl

Despite public service announcements dedicated to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, adolescents are sure that only their peers with a bad reputation can be carriers, otherwise unprotected sex does not threaten anything.

It is important to explain to a teenager that protection from sexually transmitted diseases (and, at the same time, from unwanted pregnancy) is guaranteed only by barrier methods, and not at all by the reputation of a partner.

If you’re a virgin, you can’t get pregnant

It seems that virginity has a sacred meaning not only in ancient legends, but also in teenage myths.

But, unfortunately, it is not able to protect either from pregnancy or from STDs.

And if some girl “didn’t use protection for the first time and didn’t get pregnant,” then this is an accident, and not at all a pattern.

Young people need sex

Therefore, if you started dating, you need to be ready for anything, otherwise she will go to another, more relaxed girlfriend. In fact, as sexologists like to repeat, no one has yet died from a lack of sex. And the only criterion should be an inner need, and not a desire to “prove” your love or not miss happiness.

In good relations there is no place for violence, including psychological.

And any “if you don’t do it, then you don’t love me” is a very wake-up call. And it is very important that the girl understands this.

Only “perverts” masturbate

Experts say that masturbation (unless it has turned into an obsession) is a healthy and safe way to relieve tension and get to know your body. But adults do not cease to shame children for such experiments and accuse them of all imaginable and unimaginable sins. The only thing parents should do is knock on the children’s room door before entering.